5 Alternative Remedies for Common Ailments



1. Lavender, Lavendula officinalis Essential Oil.
What it is – this is a very concentrated oil from the lavender plant. Because essential oils are so concentrated, only 1 or 2 drops are needed for great results. Never take essential oils internally.
What to use it for – bee stings, insect bites- put 1 drop directly on the area to relieve the sting and itch. To support sleep – put 1 drop on a tissue and keep near your pillow while you sleep. For minor sunburns, place 1-2 drops directly on the affected area to relieve pain.
2. Homeopathic Arnica
What it is – the “energetic footprint” of the Arnica montana plant. Homeopathic remedies do not contain any of the original source material. This fact makes Homeopathy weird, and its validity questioned by many; however, these remedies are also very safe.
What to use it for – take 1-2 pellets for pain from trauma or to help relieve jet lag. Strange but true!
3. Homeopathic Hypericum
What it is – the “energetic footprint” of St. John’s wort. See Homeopathic Arnica for more about homeopathic remedies.
What to use it for – Nerve pain – shooting nerve pain from sciatica or toothache.
4. Rescue Remedy
What it is – a combination of flower essences, formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, the “Father” of Flower Essences. A Flower Essence is a liquid “imprint” of the energy of a certain flower.
What to use it for – Any emotional shock or trauma – take a couple of drops under the tongue. Rescue remedy helps calm the mind and emotions at the onset of trauma, or traumatic news. It also works great for animals. I give it to my cats after they have a fight or come home with an injury of any type – I put a drop or 2 on the crown of their head to help calm them down.
5. Chamomile Tea
What it is – tea made from German Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, flowers.
What to use it for – supports digestion, so have a cup after a big meal or to calm digestion from minor irritation. Also, steep and cool a tea bag and place on tired, dry, red, irritated eyes. Have a cup of Chamomile tea before to support a sound sleep.
Product Sources:
Lavender Essential Oil
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