Relieve Stuffy Ears With Acupressure Points

Relieve stuffy ears with these acupressure points.

San Jiao acupoints for stuffy ears The San Jiao meridian begins on the fourth finger, travels up the arm and neck, then wraps closely around the ear before ending next to the eyebrow.  (See image below). 6 Acupressure points to relieve stuffy ears: San Jiao 3 San Jiao 17 San Jiao 18 San Jiao 19…

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Steam Inhalation Basics

Clear your head! Steam inhalation for sinus congestion coughs, or stuffy nose is very effective. To get great results, all you need is: Hot water A bowl A towel One drop of essential oil. Watch the video below for simple steam inhalation instructions: Steam Inhalation is Simple! This is a great way to stay healthy…

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Supporting the Lungs with Meridian Massage


Lungs are the “Tender Organ” The Lungs are vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature, air quality, and airborne pathogens. Because they are so vulnerable to outside conditions, the Lungs are said to be the most tender Organ in Chinese medicine. Lungs are the Yin Organ pair to the Large Intestine The Yang partner of the Lungs…

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How to utilize the Large Intestine Meridian

Treating the common cold is one of the most confounding challenges for western medicine. Chinese Medicine offers an excellent method of both treating and preventing colds. The Large Intestine meridian is a key player the treatment of colds and flus in Chinese Medicine.

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Six Channel Theory

The twelve regular meridians are most often described within the framework of the elements. For instance, the Heart meridian is paired with the Small Intestine meridian within the Fire element. Another way to pair and understand the 12 meridians is within the six channel theory. This ancient theory of Chinese medicine was the basis for…

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