Acupoints on the fingers

Treat all six meridians of the arm by massaging acupoints on the fingers.

Acupressure points on fingertips
Each of the six meridians on the arm either begins or ends on the fingers. 
Notice that the pinky finger has two points on it.  All of these points, except for the Pericardium on the middle finger, are all found at the base of the nail bed. The Pericardium point is located at the very tip of the middle finger (see picture above).
These are great points to work on yourself and very easy to massage on other people. Regardless of the type of massage you are practicing, integrating meridian massage is simple! 
Point abbreviations:
SI – Small Intestine Meridian
HT – Heart Meridian
SJ – San Jiao Meridian
P – Pericardium Meridian
LI – Large Intestine Meridian
LU – Lung Meridian

5 Element Yin and Yang Meridian Pairs

In addition to opening the energy in the arms, working on these points supports two of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. For every Element in the Chinese Medical system, there are two meridians, one Yin and one Yang. On the hand, we have the following elements and pairs:

5 ElementsMetal

  • Lung (Yin)
  • Large Intestine (Yang)

Fire (the only element that has four meridians)

  • Heart (Yin)
  • Small Intestine (Yang)
  • Pericardium (Yin)
  • San Jiao (Yang)

Want to activate all twelve meridians?

Massage the tip of every finger, the tip of every toe, and one point on the bottom of the foot. Refer to my previous post, Acupoints on the Toes, for details about meridians on the feet.

Six Meridians on the Arms:

  1. Small Intestine
  2. Heart
  3. San Jiao
  4. Pericardium
  5. Large Intestine
  6. Lung

Stimulate these six meridians by massaging the ends of fingers.

Six Meridians on the Legs:

  1. Bladder
  2. Kidney
  3. Gallbladder
  4. Stomach
  5. Liver
  6. Spleen

Stimulate these six meridians by massaging the toes and sole of the foot. (Go to Acupoints on the Toes,)

Beautiful chart showing all of the meridians and key acupressure points!
Get your very own copy!

Points and Pathways of Meridian Massage Chart

Cindy Black

Cindy Black is the Founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Pathways to Vitality. She is appreciated for her ability to make the complex accessible, fun, and practical.


  1. Annie Wolf on April 7, 2023 at 11:47 am

    The tip of my left middle finger (nail and flesh on top) are tender to the touch. No reasonable explanation. Thoughts?

    • Cindy Black on April 8, 2023 at 6:58 pm

      Hi Annie,
      I don’t have any ideas about your finger – I’m sorry that it is hurting, but without seeing it in person I can’t comment.


  2. Virginia Davis on November 19, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    Please tell me which meridian flows through each finger…. me email is below if you have time to answer.
    I teach Tai Chi and qigong and I am trying to find a chart on each finger and the meridians.


  3. […] Yes, the other six meridians can be activated by massaging the tips of the fingers. Go to Acupressure Points on the Fingers […]

  4. Sheri on November 5, 2013 at 7:04 am

    Cindy thank you for all that you share. I just took a weekend course on EFT Tapping with the tapping and they spoke of doing tapping on yourself just using your fingers. Your blog on what meridian they belong to explained it on the next level.
    I will share your post with some friends that I met at the class.

    • Cindy Black, L.Ac. on November 5, 2013 at 10:55 am

      Hi Sheri,
      I’m so happy this helped you in your learning – there is always so much to put together!

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