There was a day Before the day you were born I wandered in the aisles of the grocery store I stopped at red lights And drove through “good” green lights. I heard birds singing And saw flowers blooming I read the news Took a deep breath And looked to the otters for hope And to…

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Meridian Pairs

Lungs and Large Intestine Yin and Yang Pair

Yin, Yang and the 12 Meridians There are 12 regular meridians. The meridians are organized into six Yin and Yang pairs. Meridian Pairs of Chinese Medicine: 1. Yin: Lung 2. Yang: Large Intestine 3. Yin: Spleen 4. Yang: Stomach 5. Yin: Heart 6. Yang: Small Intestine 7. Yin: Kidney 8. Yang: Bladder 9. Yin: Pericardium…

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Ask Your Grocer

eat your veggies!

Clarify Your Food Choices I wonder about the difference between “organically grown” and “conventionally grown” produce at the grocery store. Being an introvert, I never ask about it.  I started researching online and found myself overwhelmed with competing information. I see information that reads like marketing based on fear and self-promotion on every side of…

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A Well Within


Don’t mistake the created For the Creator The written For the Writer The spoken For the Speaker The offering For the Offerer The light For the Sun The breath For the Breather Myself For The Self The water For the Well The well For the Spring

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Don’t Wait – Participate

bowl with smoke

I’ve been waiting for years to “see how things will turn out”. Waiting for the time that I feel more peaceful, or happier, or when the time comes that I actually know all the way through me why I am here and what my life is about. It’s been a long wait. These days I…

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Relieve Eye Strain with Acupressure

Bladder 1, 2 Acupressure Points

Acupressure points Bladder 1 and Bladder 2 relieve eye strain.   These points are so close to the eye use extra caution when locating and apply pressure.  Use only gentle contact and very light pressure, especially when working with Bladder 1 (BL 1). It is always best to practice finding these points on yourself before…

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Harmonize with the Seasons

Health and Happiness all Year Long Have you noticed how people are constantly adjusting to the weather? I know this is a simple question, but it has profound implications. In the winter, when it is cold, we put on our heavy coats, gloves, scarf, etc. In the summer it is just the opposite. These simple…

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5 Element Theory

5 Element Chart

An ancient perspective on the present moment. Whether you are wondering about world peace or inner peace, 5 Element theory has something to offer. Like any theory, the more you wonder, question and investigate each Element, the more they will reveal themselves to you. Elements are living “Spirit” – turn your attention toward them and…

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What is Meridian Massage?

Meridian Massage

Meridian Massage is gentle, mindful contact to acupressure points combined with self-care practices and lifestyle changes that promote harmony of body-mind-spirt. It is a form of energy medicine that utilizes the meridian system of Chinese Medicine. This article answers the most common questions about Meridian Massage. What is the difference between Acupressure and Meridian Massage?…

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