Big Deal Points

Acupressure Points You Can Use Right Now!

Relieve Pain, Balance Emotions, and Ease Stress With This Easy-To-Follow Guide

Looking for natural ways to support your health? Want to get started with acupressure? The 12 Big Deal Points eBook is just for you. This fully illustrated guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious details you need in order to benefit from 12 powerful acupressure points. Think of this guide as your key to getting started with hands-on healing.

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The 12 Big Deal Points offers you a safe and natural way to support your health...

 Clear Illustrations

Practical Guidance

For every point, you will learn

  1. Traditional Uses
  2. How to correctly locate it (written and video)
  3. Practical ways to use the point


Relieve Common Ailments

These acupressure points have been relied on for thousands of years to relieve headaches, neck pain, back pain, emotional upset, nausea, stress, muscle tightness, coughs, sore throats and more!

"Thanks SO much, Cindy, I very much appreciate the Big Deal Points. It is beautifully illustrated and easy to understand. You are a master at getting the messages across in ways that a layman can appreciate and understand.  I will keep the pdf on my mobile device so it will always be on hand.  Many thanks,"

  • Nancy

What's inside:

This 22 page eBook consists of:

  • Large illustrations of each point,
  • Instructions on how to use each point
  • Links to videos with even more guidance for locating every point
  • Tips for combining these 12 points to relieve common ailments
  • My seven-step " how to" protocol for contacting acupressure points
  • Table of contents with quick links to each point


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Find out How 12 Powerful Acupressure Points can Support Your Health!

Just $4.95 > Buy Now! >>