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eat your veggies!

Ask Your Grocer

By Cindy Black / March 25, 2021 /

Clarify Your Food Choices I wonder about the difference between “organically grown” and “conventionally grown” produce at the grocery store. Being an introvert, I never ask about it.  I started researching online and found myself overwhelmed with competing information. I see information that reads like marketing based on fear and self-promotion on every side of…

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San Jiao acupressure points for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia, the Meridian Massage Approach

By Cindy Black / October 13, 2016 /

Trigeminal Neuralgia is painful! “Neuralgia” means pain along a nerve. Nerve pain is particularly challenging because of its intensity. The trigeminal nerve is a three branched (“tri”) nerve that covers a large area on the side of the face (see image). Trigeminal Neuralgia is a very painful condition usually affecting one side of the face. Something…

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Eye strain at the computer

Acupressure Points for Eye Strain

By Cindy Black / September 8, 2016 /

Relieve eye strain with acupoints. Tired or strained eyes can benefit from gentle massage to acupressure points (also know as acupoints or just points) located around the eyes. Being gentle is critical! Acupoints around the eyes can be very sensitive, so only use gentle pressure for about 20 – 30 seconds on each point. Never…

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Owl Eyes

Love your Liver!

By Cindy Black / May 21, 2015 /

The eyes are the flower of the Liver. Every organ has a sense organ, or “flower,” as the ancient Chinese texts so beautifully express the energetic connections between body, mind and spirit. Blurry vision, dry eyes, or itchy eyes – these physical symptoms all point to the Liver Organ System. Because Classical Chinese medicine maintains…

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green smoothie

March mania cleansing time!

By Cindy Black / March 5, 2015 /

We are on the brink of spring in the northern hemisphere. Just like the return of the robins, we have the return of the call to cleanse blasting us from every direction. Spring is traditionally a cleansing time for many cultures, timed with the melting snow, the rushing rivers, the movement of sap in the trees…

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Our Self-Healing Mechanism

By Cindy Black / December 19, 2013 /

The function of self healing is often overlooked and under appreciated. How did that cut on your knee heal without you paying any attention to it? What happened while you slept allowing you to wake up the next morning “feeling all better?” We all have a self healing mechanism. It is this mechanism that works…

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How to prevent neck pain while working on a computer

By Cindy Black / October 10, 2013 /

As a result of excess computer use, neck pain has become a real problem for many of us these days. It’s obvious that bodies are not meant to be sitting at a desk all day – duh! Everyone needs a little help with the obvious now and then! I got one of the best tips ever…

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How to support digestion with Chinese Medicine

By Cindy Black / June 13, 2013 /

Combining a little massage with simple adjustments to eating can bring big improvements to your digestion. Let’s talk food first According to Chinese Medicine, the same energy we use to digest our food is used to digest our thoughts. To maximize digestion, eat your food in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Save the business meetings and…

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Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?

By Cindy Black / May 16, 2013 /

Qi (“chee”) is our Life Force, or energy. Gong means “skill.” Qi Gong is a practice of developing sensitivity to Qi and building an ability to manage or use Qi. The practice comes from China where it was developed thousands of years ago. Qi Gong exercises are part of Chinese Medicine, and can be used…

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Symptoms of Health

By Cindy Black / March 28, 2013 /

What are the signs and symptoms of health? How do you know if you are moving toward health? How do you describe health and can you do it without comparing it to disease? Starting with my undergraduate degree in health education, I memorized signs and symptoms of disease. In massage school, I learned to look…

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