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Cross Fiber Friction Technique and Meridian Massage

By Cindy Black / February 14, 2013 /

Cross Fiber Friction technique is a great method to support the healing of tendonitis anywhere in the body. It is used for both chronic and acute inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments with great success. Adding a little Meridian Massage to your Cross Fiber Friction treatment can make this great technique even better! In…

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Aromatherapy and Meridian Massage

By Cindy Black / January 16, 2013 /

Andrea Butje of Aromahead Institute and I have collaborated to create an online class, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists. As with all of our classes, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists is comprehensive, cutting edge and fun! Aromatherapy, massage therapy, and Meridian Massage are all effective forms of medicine on their own. Combining the three creates a treatment…

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Harmonizing Qi

By Cindy Black / January 6, 2013 /

Harmonizing Qi is a practice that brings communication to all parts of the body, mind, and spirit. I have places within me that are so tight, stubborn, and stuck that they cause me great pain and restriction. Sometimes it hurts for days, and sometimes a couple of weeks or months. Then mysteriously, years have gone by…

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Sciatic Pain and Meridian Massage

By Cindy Black / January 2, 2013 /

Meridian Massage is a simple and effective way to ease sciatic pain. Understanding sciatic pain from the Meridian Massage perspective: The first step is to differentiate the path of the pain.  Is the pain traveling along the Gallbladder meridian or the Urinary Bladder meridian? Sciatic pain frequently follows the Gallbladder meridian (GB) precisely along its…

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Food Stagnation

By Cindy Black / November 20, 2012 /

This is the Chinese Medical term for: “I ate too much and now I can’t move.” Really. Do you know that feeling when what you ate an hour ago is still sitting there, heavy in your stomach? That is food stagnation. The resolution is fairly simple.  Here are my favorite remedies: Curing Pills – this is…

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3 Yin Meridians on the arms

Yin & Yang Meridians, Keep it Simple

By Cindy Black / August 7, 2012 /

12 Meridians – 6 Yin, 6 Yang There are 6 Yin meridians. Yin meridians are located on the anterior (front) and medial (inside) areas of the body. Three are 3 Yin meridians on the arms. Three are  3 Yin meridians on the legs.All of these meridians are found on the anterior (front) and medial aspects…

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Cross Fiber Friction Massage

By Cindy Black / June 27, 2012 /

Cross Fiber Friction Massage is a fancy term for a boring technique that is very effective! I use it on muscles, tendons and ligaments to support the healing of torn fibers. Common injuries such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, and Achilles’ Tendinitis are the result of underlying tears in the muscle, tendons, and/or ligaments.…

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Exploring your way to knowledge

By Cindy Black / June 19, 2012 /

After school, all the memorization, tests, and board exams comes the time when a person calls on us for a treatment. I remember my shaking hands as I made contact with my first “official” paying clients. I spent most of those sessions telling myself to calm down, to stop shaking, and just do what I had…

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Must Have Fertility Books

By Cindy Black / January 24, 2012 /

Seeking help with fertility issues? These two books are essential reading for practitioners working with clients concerning fertility, reproduction, and women’s reproductive health issues. Whenever anyone asks me for help with fertility, the first thing I do is refer them to these books. Fertility Experts Katie Singer and Toni Weschler are experts in the fields…

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MMI Approved by NY Board of Massage Therapy!

By Cindy Black / January 4, 2012 /

Beginning in 2012 NY Massage Therapists must complete 36 hours of continuing education every three years. Meridian Massage Institute is proud to be one of the first approved sponsors in New York! Cindy Black, L.Ac., founder of Meridian Massage Institute has been studying, practicing, and teaching Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine for 20 years. Her…

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