Sensing or Seeking?

By Cindy Black / August 18, 2016 /

“The answers are within.” How many times have we all heard this statement? I have spent much of my life seeking answers. I have spent much of my time pursing methods to find my answers within. Seeking implies finding that which is not yet attained. A fortunate moment arrived upon me recently, while I was…

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What is health?

What is Health?

By Cindy Black / June 23, 2016 /

Symptoms of health One day a thought wandered through my mind: “What are the symptoms of health?” Perhaps because it was so catchy, it caught my attention. I began to wonder about it. Searching for symptoms of health has been a huge challenge, which is bizarre given that I’m supposed to be a person who helps…

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Spiritual Good Fortune

Spiritual Basis of Good Fortune

By Cindy Black / June 2, 2016 /

An Ancient Path Revealed I refer to my very worn copy of this book frequently! The author, William Douglas Horden, has been a trusted teacher and guide for me. William has a gift of using words to express the wordless. There are endless ways to “go within.” If you are wondering “what steps can I take to…

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searching for gold

Searching for Gold, Part 2

By Cindy Black / December 31, 2015 /

Searching for Gold A few years ago I wrote about going inward, to search for my” inner gold” (see, Digging for Gold). I went full fledged into this search for something “golden,” “good,” “divine,” “eternal.” I was seeking, striving, studying, reading, taking classes, doing exercises, finding methodologies, and having long talks with wise people. Below are…

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Turning information into knowing

By Cindy Black / December 10, 2015 /

Information is not knowing. I have been learning all my life. I love to learn about health, and different approaches to healing. This love of learning has motivated me to learn a great deal of information from various healing traditions. Information is just a bunch of data rolling around in my conscious mind. Much of what…

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Go with your glow

By Cindy Black / November 26, 2015 /

 Embrace your radiance! Somewhere within each of us is a spark or “inner light,” that creates an ever-present “glow.” It is the “thing” that we turn to within ourselves when all hope is seemingly lost, at the peak of frustration, in the pit of aloneness. There it is, igniting the next breath, the next heart…

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Meditating on Meditation

By Cindy Black / November 19, 2015 /

Wondering how to meditate? I love this clarifying passage from J. Krishnamurti: Meditation is not words, a mantra, or self-hypnosis, the drug of illusions. It must happen without  your volition. It must take place in the quiet stillness of night, when you see that you are suddenly awake and the brain is quiet and there…

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Hibla Gerzmava performs at XII International

Honoring your voice

By Cindy Black / July 16, 2015 /

Speak from your Heart. Easy enough to say, challenging to practice. I find that these “simple” practices cut through the complicated directions, often given for “how to live a spiritual life.” The Heart Organ System includes the summer season, the color red, the tongue, communication, love, and the Heart meridian. The Heart is the home…

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Change yourself, change the world

By Cindy Black / May 28, 2015 /

If you are like me, your world primarily rotates around yourself. Try as I may to live in some greater consciousness, here I am, in my little world of myself. I do what I can to make this small space an enjoyable place to live. It’s not always easy, but a little at a time…

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Messy closet

Making space

By Cindy Black / March 12, 2015 /

I was thinking about cleaning my closet this morning. The same closet I’ve been thinking about cleaning for months now. My mind wandered to all of the other places I should be clearing out. I watched my mind explode with all of the other things I should be doing today.  I felt my throat tighten,…

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