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By Cindy Black / August 4, 2011 /

Late Summer is the time of the Earth Element. Earth is literally our home, our Mother, our ground, the place we live. Our muscles are the Earth of our bodies. Muscles give us substance, our shape and form. Imagine a body without muscles – not much is left!   To receive nourishment, we must eat.…

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enjoying the sunrise

Morning time and the Metal element

By Cindy Black / July 31, 2011 /

The Metal element is active from 3am to 7am. The Lungs and Large Intestine are the organs associated with the Metal element. Many traditions practice meditation early in the morning during the Metal time. As the Lungs regulate our breath, we can see the wisdom of morning meditation. As we place our attention onto the…

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5 Transformations or 5 Elements

By Cindy Black / September 3, 2010 /

Lost in translation – the 5 Elements, or is it the 5 Transformations? Chinese Medical Theory incorporates 5 principles of change, of transformation that are recognized as 5 different aspects of the natural world: Water Wood Fire Earth Metal These 5 are often translated into English as “5 Elements.” However, many authors go to great…

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Season of Earth

By Cindy Black / August 27, 2010 /

Earth Element of Chinese Medicine Moving toward September, we come to the season of late summer – associated with the Earth element in Chinese Medicine. In the fullness of high summer, the Fire element gives way to Earth. The fields are turning gold, the farmers’ markets are over flowing with produce, and gardeners give away zucchinis…

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We Are How We Eat

By Cindy Black / December 10, 2009 /

In Chinese Medicine, the function of digestion is part of the overall function of the Earth element. The organs associated with the Earth element are the spleen and stomach. I am going to narrow the focus down to just the spleen. The Spleen in Chinese Medicine The spleen governs digestion, of both food and thought. Digesting…

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