Lungs and Large Intestine Yin and Yang Pair

Meridian Pairs

By Cindy Black / September 14, 2021 /

Yin, Yang and the 12 Meridians There are 12 regular meridians. The meridians are organized into six Yin and Yang pairs. Meridian Pairs of Chinese Medicine: 1. Yin: Lung 2. Yang: Large Intestine 3. Yin: Spleen 4. Yang: Stomach 5. Yin: Heart 6. Yang: Small Intestine 7. Yin: Kidney 8. Yang: Bladder 9. Yin: Pericardium…

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Lung meridian

12 Meridians of Chinese Medicine

By Cindy Black / August 24, 2017 /

Qi flows in meridians Qi (energy) flows through specific pathways called meridians. Chinese medicine mapped the pathways of the 12 meridians thousands of years ago. On these pathways, over 350 points (also called acupressure points, acupuncture points, acupoints) were identified. Points are specific locations on meridians where the Qi can be accessed. What are the…

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Big Fire

Fire Meridians

By Cindy Black / July 27, 2017 /

Four Meridians of the Fire Element Only the Fire Element has four meridians associated with it. The other Elements of Chinese medicine each have just two meridians. Every Element is associated with a season: Fire – Summer Earth – Late Summer Metal – Fall Water – Winter Wood – Spring 5 Elements of Chinese medicine:…

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8 extraordinary vessels closer to source qi

8 Extraordinary Vessels – what are they?

By Cindy Black / July 28, 2016 /

8 Extraordinary Vessels – extraordinary indeed! Most people who are familiar with Traditional Chinese medicine are familiar with the twelve meridians, but are not so clear about the 8 Extraordinary Vessels. There are many layers to the meridian system of Chinese medicine. The 8 Extraordinary Vessels are said to be deeper than the 12 meridians.…

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The Bladder meridian and the common symptoms it treats.

Bladder Meridian

By Cindy Black / May 26, 2016 /

By massaging the Bladder meridian and many of the points along the back, pain can be prevented, good posture is reinforced, and an overall sense of energy and vitality is sensed throughout the body-mind.

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Meridians and football

Learn meridians while watching football

By Cindy Black / December 13, 2015 /

Meridians are on everyone Learning the location of all twelve takes dedication! The more you observe and practice, the quicker you will learn. There are six meridians on the arms. Each meridian found on the arm either begins or ends on the fingers. Watching a football game? You can review which meridian is found on each…

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Du Governing Vessel

The Du (Governing Vessel), and why it's important.

By Cindy Black / December 3, 2015 /

There are 8 Extraordinary Vessels Each Vessel is part of the overall meridian system, yet different than the twelve “regular meridians.” They are most often described as “reservoirs of Qi.” Only two of these Vessels have points of their own, the Du, Governing Vessel, and the Ren (Conception Vessel). The other six Vessels have no…

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lung and large intestine

Lung and Large Intestine Meridians

By Cindy Black / October 22, 2015 /

The Lung and Large Intestine Meridians The Lung and Large Intestine are paired Yin and Yang meridians. The Lung meridian is Yin, it’s Yang partner is the Large Intestine meridian. These two meridians are also categorized within the Metal Element. For any given pairing, the Yang meridian is more often used to clear things out of the…

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Dective searches for Qi

Where is Qi?

By Cindy Black / July 2, 2015 /

You may have heard about the recent discovery of lymphatic vessels in the brain. This discovery is rocking the science world, “we’ll have to re-write the text books!” (1) What stands out to me is the acknowledgement that in order to find something, we have to consciously look for it: As to how the brain’s…

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Gallbladder Meridian

Open the Gallbladder Meridian with 3 Simple Movements

By Cindy Black / May 14, 2015 /

The Gallbladder meridian tends to have blocks that restrict the flow of energy (Qi). When Qi (“chee”) flow is restricted, we feel pain, tension, or restricted movement in the area of the blockage.  Similar to traffic backing up at a site of road construction, Qi can back up within a blocked Gallbladder meridian. And just…

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