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Winter Health

By Cindy Black / January 5, 2010 /

The Winter season corresponds to the Kidney – Water energy according to Chinese Medical Theory. Water – Kidney energy is quiet, internal, and sustaining. Seeds formed from last year’s plants are deep in the ground, keeping quiet, incubating until the rush of Spring. We can nourish our own Kidney energy now by keeping our bodies…

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Happy Golden Retriever Puppy

Digging for Gold

By Cindy Black / December 31, 2009 /

This morning I realized that improvements are made only to that which is faulty. For years I’ve had my inner vision focused on my faults. I have constantly pushed myself to transform into a better person. This is an exhausting road. It is the caged hamster running for its life on the exercise wheel and…

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By Cindy Black / December 16, 2009 /

Looking into the sunrise, you might notice that the exact place where the Sun rises is different each day. It seems to us that the Sun tracks North to South along the Eastern horizon as we move through our seasons, Winter to Summer and back again. Today, it has been a year since the Sun…

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Integrated Medicine

By Cindy Black / December 14, 2009 /

When our cat, Loui, had major hip surgery, we told the doctor we wanted to give him some homeopathy post-surgery to support his recovery. The doctor said “no way, that’s not allowed.” So, we waited for him to leave the room before popping the arnica into Loui’s mouth. We were told Loui would have to…

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We Are How We Eat

By Cindy Black / December 10, 2009 /

In Chinese Medicine, the function of digestion is part of the overall function of the Earth element. The organs associated with the Earth element are the spleen and stomach. I am going to narrow the focus down to just the spleen. The Spleen in Chinese Medicine The spleen governs digestion, of both food and thought. Digesting…

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Easy Health Care

By Cindy Black / December 7, 2009 /

Acupuncture is just one of the many modalities of Chinese Medicine. Other methods of Chinese Medical treatment include herbs, massage, exercise, diet, and meditation. Depending on the concern of the patient, any one or a combination of these methods may be recommended by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. The West now recognizes the multiple health…

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Find your spark of celestial start dust

By Cindy Black / November 30, 2009 /

Bahama Cassia, Cassia chapmanii I planted four little Cassia shrubs in 2004, each was a twig with a few branches only about 3 feet high. Today their delicate foliage and stunning yellow flowers dominate one side of our property. They bloom quickly and fully – creating a yellow blast of color and brilliance. One of…

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Sastun book cover

Sastun – a book review

By Cindy Black / November 23, 2009 /

Sastun, My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer, by Rosita Arvigo, 1994. A beautiful ode to Don Elijio Panti, a legendary Maya Medicine Man who lived in Belize, Central America. This story is a gift to those of us seeking a spiritual context for our healing work. A reminder of the powerful healing held in the…

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Searching for Heaven

By Cindy Black / November 10, 2009 /

I was flying at 30, 000 feet to see a friend who was dying. I tried to think of something useful to say to her, I realized I was up in the sky, where Heaven is supposed to be. Then I realized that during all my flying, all the pictures from the moon, the Hubble…

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