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5 Alternative Remedies for Common Ailments

By Cindy Black / June 21, 2010 /

1. Lavender, Lavendula officinalis Essential Oil. What it is – this is a very concentrated oil from the lavender plant. Because essential oils are so concentrated, only 1 or 2 drops are needed for great results. Never take essential oils internally. What to use it for – bee stings, insect bites- put 1 drop directly…

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Man with Neck Pain

Cell Salts for Muscle Spasm

By Cindy Black / June 16, 2010 /

Tweak your neck lately? I did. It gave me the opportunity to try out a cell salt combination for muscle pain. I have used this simple formula a few times for myself and friends – and it works more often than not. In a small glass of warm water mix 10 tablets of Mag Phos…

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Tea for Digestion

By Cindy Black / April 15, 2010 /

Lately I’ve been enjoying a simple blend of herbs to support my digestion. Here is the recipe: In about 4-6 cups of water, add 6-8 slices of fresh Ginger Root 1 Teaspoon (or a big pinch) of Fennel Seeds 1 Teaspoon (or a big pinch) of Fenugreek Seeds 1 Teaspoon (or a big pinch) of…

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Herb Garden Sign

How to Make an Herbal Tincture

By Cindy Black / April 5, 2010 /

Make your own herbal remedies! Tinctures can be made at home in just a few weeks. I make a variety of tinctures for myself, my family and my friends. I love the sense of self-sufficiency that comes out of making my own medicinals. There are a variety of opinions and methods for making tinctures. I’m going to…

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Spring is the time for a liver cleanse!

By Cindy Black / March 16, 2010 /

As the snow and ice melt around us, plants that have been hibernating all Winter begin pushing through dirt, rock, cement, and pavement, to start the cycle of regeneration again. This action of pushing up through the hard soil and reaching for the sun relates to the Wood element in Chinese Medicine. Trees and perennials…

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Accidental Aromatherapy

By Cindy Black / March 8, 2010 /

I have worked with my partner, Andrea Butje, for more than a decade on our company, Aromatics International*. This is a company devoted to providing essential oils for Aromatherapy. After pouring many gallons of essential oils, you’d think I know how to make a therapeutic blend – think again! I love the essential oils, which is…

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Check out your drugs

By Cindy Black / March 1, 2010 /

Looking for information about the drugs you are taking? Drugs.com is a comprehensive website for looking up almost any drug on the market – over the counter or prescribed. I use this site to check on side effects and/or adverse effects of medications that my patients are taking. You can also use this site to…

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Why Acupuncture?

By Cindy Black / February 15, 2010 /

Wondering what acupuncture can treat? The World Health Organization has wondered too. Over the years, the WHO has met to review the validity of acupuncture. Meeting in 1998 to review controlled clinical trials of acupuncture performed around the world, the WHO created the following list of diseases that have been clinically proven to respond to…

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cell salts

Cell Salts

By Cindy Black / January 13, 2010 /

What are cell salts? Cell salts are also called biochemic tissue salts, or mineral salts. Cell salts were discovered and named as the science of biochemistry was sprouting in the early 1800’s – primarily in Europe. A German medical doctor, Dr. W. H. Schuessler (1821-1898) is considered the originator of cell salt theory and practice.…

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Integrated Medicine

By Cindy Black / December 14, 2009 /

When our cat, Loui, had major hip surgery, we told the doctor we wanted to give him some homeopathy post-surgery to support his recovery. The doctor said “no way, that’s not allowed.” So, we waited for him to leave the room before popping the arnica into Loui’s mouth. We were told Loui would have to…

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