One on One Consultations

I am happy to work with you in order to expand your understanding of how holistic healing approaches and practices can enliven your health and happiness. Private consultations are a great way to get specific support tailored to your exact circumstances and desires.

I offer three types of consultations:

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1. Healthier Lifestyle

Learn about changes and/or simple practices that can support your health and happiness.



2. Education

Clarify your understanding of Chinese Medicine- perfect for practitioners (and students) of Meridian Massage, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Acupressure etc.


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3. Mentorship

For holistic health practitioners who would like to discuss ways to better support their clients.



How to Schedule:

To schedule, simply email me directly at  and let me know which type of consultation you want to schedule.

Appointment Times 

Each consultation is 1 hour (60 mins) and will be via
video chat or voice call, whichever you prefer.


Each consultation is $75 per hour