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Meridian Massage is an energetic approach to health and healing that anyone can learn.

Find out how Meridian Massage works:

How to learn Meridian Massage Online:

Start with Level 1 Courses and progress through Level 4.

Level 1
Guide to Yin and Yang
Guide to the 12 Meridians
Guide to the 5 Elements

Level 2
Guide to the Organ Systems

Level 3
Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints

Level 4
8 Extraordinary Vessels
Sensing Qi

Learn at your own pace, explore, and expand the possibilities of your personal health and/or professional practice.

Meridian Massage Level One

The hidden relationship of Yin and Yang is the basis of the overall manifestation of harmony in mind-body-spirit.
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Bring balance and flow to the entire meridian system as you learn how to use specific acupressure points on each of the 12 meridians.
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Connect with vital resources within you in order to enjoy vitality and harmony of body-mind-emotion-spirit.
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Meridian Massage Level Two

Explore the intricacies of Mind-Body-Spirit

Understanding Chinese physiology offers practitioners an invaluable tool for assessing and addressing conditions that elude modern western medicine. Knowing the specifics of each Organ System empowers the practitioner to make better choices about which acupoints to use in order to return the system to balance, flow, and health.
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Meridian Massage Level Three

Unlock the healing potential of acupoints

If you want to maximize the use of acupoints in your hands-on healing, you need to know more than just where a point is located. You need to know the dynamics of each of the points, and their associated specifics, qualities and actions.  Guide 60 Points will take your understanding to the next level!
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Meridian Massage Level Four


Leverage the potential of Qi

Learn simple practices that you can practice daily or just a couple of times per week. The more you practice, the easier it is for you to feel Qi in meridians, acupoints, and even your own system.

These first-hand, learning experiences can be applied to your professional bodywork and/or to deepen your own mind-body connection. Once you understand the subtleties of energy within yourself, your energetic work with others expands. Your ability to sense and connect with Qi is the key to getting better hands-on healing results with less effort.
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Sink into the depths of Qi

The 8 Extraordinary Vessels are deeper pathways of Qi, different from the 12 Meridians.  Learn how to apply Master Point combinations to bring deep relaxation and harmony to the energy body.
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Meridian Massage Certification


Meridian Massage Approach: Online Certification

Weave all four levels together for the most comprehensive learning experience available. Online Certification offers on-going support, community, and exclusive live learning opportunities.