Featured Meridian Massage Institute Graduate: Paula Begel

After working for four years as a physical therapist assistant, Meridian Massage Institute graduate Paula Begel was doing a lot of hands-on work.

“Patients started telling me that they were getting much better results when massage was added to their physical therapy,” Paula said. “It was then that I decided to go to school for massage.”
With more than 20 years of combined experience between being a PTA and an LMT, Paula is now the owner of Long Life Massage Therapy PLLC in Cicero, New York. Read on to learn about how she maintains her health and why she thinks Meridian Massage is the icing on the cake.


Paula Begel, LMT

How long have you been practicing?
Combined with working as a PTA and an LMT, I have been practicing for 21 years!
What modalities do you integrate into your work?
Over the years, I’ve combined many modalities: the usual, sports, orthopedic, medical, pregnancy, CST, Reiki, Reflexology, PNF, ROM, Meridian Massage, and aromatherapy.
What do you do to maintain your own health and well being?
To maintain my own health all of these years, I have been a personal trainer and aerobic instructor (now retired). I currently teach and train in the martial arts, including Sensei and fifth-degree black belt. I’m also Level 2 Krav Maga Certified. I love the aromatherapy I use for myself as well as my home, family and clients. I receive regular massages, and have regular Reiki and chiropractic visits. I eat healthy and meditate daily.
How has Meridian Massage impacted the way you practice massage?
Meridian Massage ties everything together. I feel like it’s the icing on the cake. It combines intuition with eastern knowledge. It’s a holistic approach that is centuries old and full of innate wisdom. It fits perfectly with every session for every client.
What inspires you about your work?
The continued results and appreciation of my clients. I feel very grateful to be a facilitator in the healing process of many.
What kind of issues, symptoms or conditions do you specialize in?
I work with every condition and varied clients, from chronic pain to relaxation and emotional support. I love my work!

To learn more about Paula’s practice, visit her website here and connect with her on Facebook!

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