Featured Meridian Massage Institute Graduate: Janet Klock

In 2001, Meridian Massage Institute graduate Janet Klock was in a serious auto accident that left her with a broken patella and pelvis, and disconnected her left arm.

Doctors told her that she most likely wouldn’t walk “right” again, and she wouldn’t have full use of her left arm, but that only motivated her to seek out massage therapy. “I had already been practicing energy work for two years and was receiving healing touch and Reiki, which was helping greatly with the healing process, but I needed something more physical to get things moving,” Janet said.
One year later—and to the surprise of her osteopath—she was teaching aerobics at her local gym and water aerobics at the YMCA, and was generally not in pain.
Read on to learn more about Janet’s practice, how she maintains her own health, and what she recommends for anyone looking to pursue their certification in Meridian Massage. 
How long have you been practicing?
I believe I have been “practicing” all my life, but I have been an LMT since 2004 and an energy practitioner since 2000.
What modalities do you integrate into your work?
I am trained in a number of modalities—Massage, Reflexology, Meridian Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, Craniosacral, Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient, and Therapeutic Touch—but the thing I rely on most is my heart. I listen compassionately to my clients’ words and then to their bodies’ vibrations.
What do you do to maintain your own health and wellbeing?
I am quiet at least an hour each day, and I use nine turns, acupoints, and chakra balancing to keep my energy system tuned up. I spend time in the woods. I take walks. I talk to my animals. I read. I eat organic as much as possible, including things that I prepare myself from my summer garden. I spend time laughing. I love my friends. I ask questions. I balance work and play. I say no when I need to. I don’t take things personally. I remember we are all doing the best we can with what we know. I share my experiences when asked. I honor the Mother. I pray in my own way. I give thanks for my blessings. I look for the lessons in my challenges. I hope. I practice “being human.”
How has meridian massage impacted the way you practice massage?
Meridian Massage brought everything I had been learning for the past ten years together. It’s like the icing on the cake, the wrapping on the package, and the blood in my body. It is amazing!
What inspires you about your work?
The human body and those that inhabit it!
What kind of issues, symptoms or conditions do you specialize in?
I don’t know that I would be able to lump this into one thing, but if I had to, I would say I assist in balancing the body, mind, and energy. And I believe our amazing bodies will then find the path to wellness! I love unconditionally those who come to me. I am honored by their trust, and I listen. Then I wait for the body to guide me on which modalities are appropriate, and what will be the most beneficial for the client now and for the future of their health, and it always does!
In terms of the overall health care system, what role do you see massage therapy playing?
I believe that massage and energy medicine are the future of our health care system. I see the benefit of some things that are being used today in allopathic medicine, and understand that unless we look at the whole being, we will never be able to facilitate change.
What do you wish everyone knew about massage therapy?
It’s not just a luxury. It’s a necessary tool for optimal health, and can assist those who receive it regularly to be a wellspring of happiness!
What was your favorite part about studying at Meridian Massage Institute?
That’s easy…Cindy! And, of course, my amazing classmates!
What recommendations do you have for anyone interested who hasn’t started earning his or her certification in Meridian Massage?
I highly recommend this work and it is not just for your clients. If you also use the information you learn at Meridian Massage Institute to look deeply within yourself, you have the possibility of unlocking all the wisdom within your body and heart allowing you to walk on this earth with more ease and joy! It also makes looking deeply within, when it may not be so pretty, easier and easier and easier!
In addition to being a LMT, Janet is also a RMT, Certified Reflexologist, and Certified Meridian Massage Therapist. To learn more about Janet’s practice, visit www.sacredwatersmassage.com.
Sacred Waters Massage is located at 367 Anderson Hill Road in Berkshire, New York. To contact Janet, call 607-342-3310.

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Cindy Black is the Founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Pathways to Vitality. She is appreciated for her ability to make the complex accessible, fun, and practical.

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