Featured Meridian Massage Institute Graduate: Lauren Walker

meridian-massage-institute-graduate-lauren-walkerAfter deciding that an art degree wasn’t for her, Meridian Massage Institute graduate Lauren Walker obtained her bachelor’s degree in Wellness and Alternative Medicine from Johnson State College in Vermont.
“I knew I wanted to help people using alternative modalities, but had no clear answers of how,” Lauren says.
After graduating, she found herself in that post college limbo land of “now what?” At this point, the calling of massage therapy became clear to her.
“Certain situations happened, and I then found myself in massage school,” she says. “It felt more like massage therapy picked me—and I’m glad it did!”
Read on to hear more about Lauren’s experiences with massage therapy and how meridian massage has impacted her practice.
How long have you been practicing?
About 2 and a half years.  
What modalities do you integrate into your work?
My work is a fluid mix of Meridian Massage and Swedish strokes with some Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Craniosacral and Eastern Abdominal Massage thrown in. I also practice Shiatsu and offer traditional sessions on the floor, as well as integrate stretching and movement into table sessions.
What do you do to maintain your own health and well being?
I eat real food, breath deeply, get into the woods as much as I can, stretch and wiggle, enjoy the little things and do my best to replace negative defeating thoughts with more positive patterns.
How has Meridian Massage impacted the way you practice massage?
It has given me a vessel to carry the spirit of my practice in. Before going through the certification program, I had been integrating meridian work into sessions but felt lost about it. It felt like something important was happening, but I wasn’t sure why. Meridian Massage gave me a deeper understanding of the work I was doing. It pulled everything together and brought it to a new level. It gave me the words and confidence I needed to explain and understand what I was doing. It was everything I had been looking for.
What inspires you about your work?
In a world so full of technology, stimulation and the latest advancements, it is refreshing and humbling to become aware of how something as simple as human touch can be so powerfully healing.
What kind of issues, symptoms or conditions do you specialize in?
I’d say I specialize most in helping frazzled, overworked, stressed-out people drop into healing relaxation that brings balance, grounding and nourishment. I love helping people get out of their heads and into their bodies.
In terms of the overall health care system, what role do you see massage therapy playing?
Bringing balance to traditional western medicine and bringing real human connection back into the healing equation.
What do you wish everyone knew about massage therapy?
That it is real medicine, not just indulgent luxury.
What was your favorite part about studying at Meridian Massage Institute?
Well, meeting Cindy of course! Being in a space where napping is productive was pretty great too.
What recommendations do you have for anyone interested who hasn’t started earning his or her certification in Meridian Massage?
This was the ultimate in east meets west integration. Not only does it give you new ways to shape your massage practice, but it also gives you an inspiring way to see the world and can enrich your own personal life.  I highly recommend it and would do it all over again.
To learn more about Lauren’s practice, visit www.fluidgroundhealingarts.com and like Fluid Ground Healing Arts on Facebook!


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