Homeopathic Arnica

Arnica plant

Arnica plant

This is a simple remedy for pain from sudden trauma, like stubbing your toe or hitting your finger rather than the nail with a hammer. Homeopathy is a complete form of holistic medicine, requiring years of study to really use it well. But in the case of this type of traumatic pain, anyone can reach for a pellet or 2 of Arnica montana for some relief!
Homeopathic Arnica is available in most health food stores. I use the 30X dilution. This means that the original little bit of Arnica plant has been diluted with lactose at a ratio of 1 to 9, 30 times!
Obviously this is very diluted. The pellet that alleviates the pain is actually holding only the energy of the original Arnica plant, which is one reason why homeopathic remedies don’t create a bunch of nasty side effects.
The main trick to using homeopathy is getting the pellet out of the tube and into your mouth! Usually, one end of the tube twists off. Either you can “pour” 1 or 2 pellets into the little cup part that twisted off, or you leave that little cup on the end, twist the whole tube and a pellet drops into the holder. Classically, you should not handle or touch the pellet – just throw it into your mouth, then hold it under your tongue and let it dissolve.
If Arnica is going to work, you’ll feel better in 15 minutes to an hour. If it doesn’t work, well, you’ve spent about $8 on a natural remedy that will probably work for another person – or even yourself at another time. For $8 dollars, you have 80 pellets of natural pain relief!
Homeopathic Arnica

Tube full of homeopathic Arnica pellets

Homeopathic Arnica pellet

A single homeopathic arnica pellet

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