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Influenzinum is a homeopathic remedy used to prevent seasonal flu’s. I and my family have used it for a few years with plenty of success – meaning no flu! My mother now refuses the flu shot in favor of influenzinum!


Homeopathy is energetic medicine – which for some people, puts it into the “weirdo” category. For the average scientific mind, it is difficult to comprehend how taking a tiny sugar pellet containing the “energy” of a substance could have any useful effect. For the average curios person, like myself, I tried homeopathy for a variety of ailments – and many times I’ve experienced success.


The word “energy” has many connotations. Often, when used in the world of health, it is interpreted as quackery or the latest new age bunch of bologna. But let’s remember Einstein, the genius who came up with the all important physics equation, E=MC². Energy (E) equals Matter (M) times the speed of Light C, squared. Let’s put that into a sentence. Energy is matter and light, and matter and light are energy. I don’t know about you, but for me, even contemplating this idea makes my brain tired.


If matter could be energy, and energy could be matter, couldn’t energy medicine be useful? Could a medicine, based solely on energy, be useful? Homeopathy is one form of many energetic medical modalities. Homeopathy has been around for a long time, and was once a primary form of health care in the US. The US was home to Homeopathic Colleges and Hospitals! See whole health now for more on the history of homeopathy in the US.


So, what is this Influenzinum stuff? It is an energetic imprint of the strains of flu viruses going around at any one time. Indeed, I had to wait until just now to post this blog as the exact Influenzinum remedy for the 2009-2010 flu season was not ready until just a few days ago.


Influenzinum is not a vaccine; however, it works along a similar premise.


With a vaccine, living, dead or particles of the current virus are injected into a person. Rather than getting a “real” virus injected, you get a smaller amount, and depending on the exact type of vaccine, the “stuff,” or “matter” that is injected is either alive, dead or just pieces. The viral parts of the vaccine are formulated to be just enough to set off your immune response. Once stimulated, your immune cells will make antibodies against these particular viral parts. It takes a few days for your immune cells to make the particular antibodies to a new virus, but once it is figured out, you will have a “stock” of specialized cells that can quickly respond to another attack by the same virus. So, if you were to become infected with the actual virus, you would already have antibodies made, and you would have a quick and effective immune response against the virus. This is the idea behind protecting yourself with a vaccine before you become infected.


Influenzinum is an energetic version of the above. All homeopathic remedies are made by taking a tiny amount of a substance, which could be a plant, mineral, or even a pathogen – like a virus. This substance is diluted in steps. For instance, 1 part substance is mixed with 99 parts of lactose sugar. This is mixed up. Then, 1 part of that diluted mixture is again mixed with 99 parts of lactose. Next, 1 part of this dilution is mixed with another 99 parts of lactose.


This is an example of diluting by 100, or the Roman Numeral “C.” If you look on a homeopathic remedy bottle, you will often see it designated as “30C.” This means that the substance of this bottle has gone through the above dilution steps 30 times.


It’s easy to imagine that after 30 dilution steps of 1:99, that not much, if any, of the original material would be found in the resulting product. Indeed, one of the main claims against homeopathy is that after careful study of a remedy, scientists cannot find even a single molecule of the original substance in the tablet. The Homeopath does not want there to be material in the tablet. The Homeopath wants the energy of the original substance to be in the tablet.


As a physical human being, you fit into Einstein’s equation that Energy=Matter (physical stuff) times the Speed of Light Squared. The Homeopath will use this energetic remedy to treat the Energy/Matter/Light combination that is you.


This is the energetic notion behind using the homeopathic remedy influenzinum to ward off the flu. Influenzinum is available in many dilutions (as discussed above). I use the 9C dose myself. Even with this weirdo energetic remedy, I have at times experienced slight flu like symptoms after taking a dose – which is a sign that my immune cells are responding to this energy, and perhaps making up a batch of specific antibodies just in case someone sneezes on me in the grocery store.


How I use Influenzinum 9C


Starting in late October or early November, I take 1 tablet, or 1 pellet once a week for 3 weeks.

After that, I take one pellet once a month until March or April – whenever it seems like the flu season is over.


A note about the pellets: The pellets are tiny, it is not a problem if 2 or 3 pop out and you take them all. I put the pellet or pellets under my tongue and let them dissolve.


A note about the dose: This is the dose I use even though the directions on the bottle often recommend taking a “full tube” per dose. I have fine results with just a few tablets – we are talking about energy after all!


Where to purchase:

Boiron is the main company that makes it. It will come in little blue tube full of tiny pellets.

Influenzium comes out each year. Make sure you get Influenzinum for the current year! Many websites are selling previous year’s remedies. Read the fine print!

Some health food stores may have it, or you can ask them to order it.


Elixirs.com has the current year; Influenzinum 9C at Elixirs.com

To continue learning, check out the “Acupoints for Cold and Flu Prevention” video on demand.

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Cindy Black is the Founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Pathways to Vitality. She is appreciated for her ability to make the complex accessible, fun, and practical.


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