Bring the Meridian Massage Approach to your area!

I appreciate your interest in sharing this work with others in your area and look forward to collaborating with you. Please review the logistics below to get a feel for how it works. 

Basic Requirements:

  1. You are in charge of gathering a group of 8 - 10 people for the class.
    You will take care of registration and payment from the students.
  2. You can provide a space for the training, below are the minimum space requirements:
    - at least 700 square feet (enough for 5 massage tables and 11 people to be comfortable)
    - 9-11 chairs
    - whiteboard or blackboard
    - at least one bathroom
    - windows that open for fresh air
    - quiet area, out in nature is the best
    - easy parking and access for students
    - willing to help with the logistics of lunch, travel directions for students, etc.
  3. Help me to secure lodging for myself

Host Benefits:

  • Free attendance to the course and a percentage of profit after expenses for travel, lodging, and any other fees related to the course (space rental, buying snacks for class).
  • Notoriety for your business as I will market the event on the website, social media and to the Big Tree email list.
  • Meet other people in your area interested in this work so that you can keep exploring the healing potential of this work after the course is over.
  • Infinite good vibes 🙂

Ready to Jump In?
Please email (use the contact link at the bottom of this page) with your name, location, ideal dates, and what course(s) you would like to host (view workshop descriptions)  Once I have your information I will get in touch to confirm the details and make it happen!