Weekly movement classes



I will not be scheduling weekly classes until the Spring of 2020. Sign up for the mailing list below and I'll email you the Spring-Summer schedule as soon as I have it confirmed.


1038 Comfort Rd.
Spencer, NY 14883
(15 minutes south of Ithaca)

Class Styles:

Gentle Strength
The intention is to build stability in the body, breath, and mind.  Moving mindfully, following the breath, we will increase strength around joints, improve balance, and learn how to unify the power of mind, breath, and body.


The intention is to encourage circulation, range of motion and space within all of the joints, mind, and daily life. This approach is wonderful for healing repetitive use injuries, calming the mind from stress, and gaining flexibility in body and mind.


Harmonize Qi

When our Qi (energy) is abundant and flowing, all is well in body-mind-emotion-spirit. The intention is to encourage the smooth flow of Qi throughout the 12 meridians by gentle movement, self-massage, and mindful stretching. No prior knowledge of Qi or meridians is required as I will guide you along the way.

If you want to be included in class updates and schedules for Ithaca classes please add your name to the list at the right.  Thanks!  🙂
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