How to clear your sinuses with Large Intestine 20

Large Intestine 20

Large Intestine 20
(located on both sides of the nose)

Large Intestine 20 (LI 20) to open the nose

This is a point that’s easy to locate, and easy to use on yourself and others. Let’s hear a little applause for LI 20!

How to locate LI 20

Feel the edge of your nostrils right where they meet the skin of your face. Gently angle pressure between the side of your nostrils and your face, as you feel for a little dip in the tissue. Being gentle is the key here!

LI 20 can be pretty sensitive, so go slowly. You know you are on the point when you feel that little dip. Perhaps there will be a sensation of “Oh, that’s the point” – which is preferable to “Ouch! That’s the point!!”

More points to relieve sinus congestion:

Cindy Black

Cindy Black is the Founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Pathways to Vitality. She is appreciated for her ability to make the complex accessible, fun, and practical.


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  3. Suman on October 10, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Hi Cindy.
    Thank you for your post.
    I teach Tai chi and Yoga classes.
    And I do short acu.point massages after my classes.
    Can you post also about hegu. Point on the hand.
    Thank you