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Meridian Massage Approach Hands-On Level 2

Balancing the Organ Systems with abdominal massage and distal points

Meridian Massage

Core Curriculum:

  1. Chinese physiology of the Organ Systems
  2. Connecting with the Organs via abdominal massage
  3. Encouraging Qi flow between the Organ Systems
  4. How to assess the relative balance of the Organ Systems
  5. Understanding common ailments from the perspective of Chinese medical physiology
  6. Identify lifestyle adjustments that support hands-on sessions
  7. Connecting with Nature around us to connect more deeply within
  8. Clarify the Body-Mind-Spirit qualities of Organ Systems

Requirements to attend:

All students must meet the following requirements in order to attend:

  1. Be a licensed or experienced hands-on practitioner (Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Physical Therapist, etc)
  2. Completion of Meridian Massage Approach Hands-On Level 1
  3. Completed Big Tree School of Natural Healing Level 2 class:
    Guide to the Organ Systems

This Level 2 prerequisite class must be completed online 
Click here to view Guide to the Organ Systems online

Required Text: Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality, by Cindy Black

Course Description

Deepen your understanding of the Organ Systems, Elements, and meridians so that you can more accurately assess signs and symptoms.  Practically, there is an emphasis on learning techniques for contacting and connecting with the abdominal organs.  Combining abdominal massage with meridians and acupressure points is the foundation of the hands-on modality of the Meridian Massage Approach.

Each day you will connect with the flow of Qi in your Organ Systems through gentle Qi Gong practices.

Put theory into practice

Through your participation, you will understand the deeper intentions and possibilities of Meridian Massage based on your direct experience with Organ Systems.  Upon completion of this workshop, you will know how to relieve stagnation in Organ Systems in order to harmonize the energetic balance of Body-Mind-Spirit.

Get answers to common questions

  • How can I address the root of chronic conditions?
  • How can I massage the  Organs with people who don't want their abdomen touched?
  • What is the best amount of pressure to use when contacting Organs?
  • What are the relationships between Organ Systems and Qi, Blood, Essence, Spirit?
  • How can I stay centered as an energy practitioner?
  • How can I use Meridian Massage to improve and support Organ Vitality?

Through lively discussions, partnered practice, and gentle movement, you will learn how to utilize the healing potential of Meridian Massage for both yourself and your clients.

Time to replenish yourself
There will be plenty of time to clarify the content from the prerequisite courses.  Through partnered practice and individual movement exercises, you will experience for yourself the benefits of abdominal massage and Organ System balance.

Class is limited to 10 students in order to maximize personal attention.

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About the Instructor

I love to teach this work! After 15 years of teaching and practicing Massage Therapy, I went to school for Chinese Medicine. As I was learning the theory and practice of Acupuncture I began integrating it into my hands-on work. Over the years, this integration of Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy became known as "Meridian Massage."

I no longer use needles, I am back to working with my hands, heart, and mind. In 2016 I published Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality. I am happy that Massage Schools, practitioners, and people living holistic lifestyles are using the book to improve their lives.

My path of learning continues to unfold every day.

- Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT
Founder, Big Tree School of Natural Healing