How to Relieve Adrenal Fatigue using Meridian Massage

Close up view of a koala sleeping in a treeThe Yin and Yang of Adrenal fatigue

Meridian Massage looks at conditions through the lens of Chinese medicine.
First, we always understand a condition from the Chinese medicine framework. Next, we support the return to balance and health, using hands-on contact to the meridians and acupoints combined with lifestyle adjustments for the client.
Adrenal fatigue is a condition that causes a person to experience a great deal of fatigue. Fatigue, from the Chinese medicine perspective, points to a lack of Qi (energy). When the fatigue is severe (as in the western diagnosis of adrenal fatigue), we need to look into the Kidney Organ System.
The Kidney Organ System stores our energetic reserves, our “bounce back.” If we overextend ourselves, we usually “bounce back” with a good night’s rest. If we overextend ourselves for too long, then we drain our reserves. In Chinese medicine, we say that we are draining our Kidney Essence.

Water (Yin) balances Fire (Yang)

Our outward expression, the things we do, and the people we serve are all “Yang-type” activities. Yang, like Fire, is warm, glowing, expressive, and passionate. Daytime corresponds to Yang.  The fuel for daytime activities is our nighttime sleep and rest.
Yin corresponds to night. Like Water, Yin is inward, quiet, and receptive. Day and night balance each other. Yin and Yang balance each other. Fire and Water balance each other.

Yin Yang HumanYin and Yang in the human body

Kidney Water, Heart Fire
The Kidney Organ system corresponds to Water (Yin). The Heart Organ System corresponds to Fire (Yang). Just as sleep is the fuel for the daytime, Yin is the fuel for Yang. So, we say that Water is the fuel for Fire. And that the Kidneys provide the fuel for the Heart, for Fire, for Yang.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is not a Chinese medical diagnosis, it is a western medical diagnosis.  So, what is adrenal fatigue in Chinese medicine?
Chinese medicine and adrenal fatigue
Fatigue tells us that there is a lack of Qi. We replenish our Qi in many ways, such as a good night’s sleep. If we do not balance rest, good nutrition, work, family, vacation, etc, then we drain our “bounce back reserves.” If we keep pushing through this condition using caffeine and other stimulants, then we can continue functioning but we also drain our reserves. And if we keep this up for a few years, then our Kidney Organ System, which holds our Yin reserves, becomes depleted.  We feel exhausted because the balance of Yin and Yang is disrupted.

Meridian Massage to balance Yin and Yang

Now that we know the underlying issue is a Yin-Yang imbalance (more specifically the Kidney Organ System is depleted), we can get create our Meridian Massage approach to adrenal fatigue.

  1. Lifestyle adjustments:
    – Find ways to get real rest. Real rest and recovery happens without the use of drugs.
    – Learn how to balance activity with quiet.

Acupoints to balance Fire and Water
– Use specific acupoints to nourish the Kidney Organ System:
Kidney 3 and 6 are great points to use. You can also use specific acupoint combinations to balance Fire and Water.


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