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Sauerkraut, Self-care, and a Sale

Rubik-cubeSimple and Easy

A few days ago a friend told me that making sauerkraut was easy. Just mix salt with cabbage – that’s it!


I have been obsessed with sauerkraut recently. The possibility of making my own burst open my imagination – I saw images of crock pots full of fabulous home-made sauerkraut. Maybe a food truck or supplying Wholefoods will be in my future…
sauerkrautJust mix salt and cabbage…how much salt? How much cabbage? Cooked cabbage or raw? How long does it take? Where will I store it? What about bacteria – am I going to kill myself with sauerkraut?
Sauerkraut is simple, but it’s not easy. I needed help!

Inner Peace

A few decades ago I heard about inner peace.
I was immediately captivated by the notion. I was ravenous for inner peace. My heart raced, my adrenaline pumped – how can I get that inner peace right now?
“It’s easy,” said the books, teachers, affirmations, bumper stickers, pretty social media quote, just “go within.” Not only will you find peace, but you will also get the answers to all of your questions.
I stretched on yoga mats in anger. I sat on meditation pillows in pain listening to the big mouth within scolding me over and over. I pumped iron in the gym, spun on bikes, hiked the wilderness, quit coffee, read ancient books and modern brain science. No luck. No inner peace.


Exhaustion. Collapse.
Give up the search. A whisper from within catches my attention. Now I am sinking, without strength, without method, toward my heart. Oh, simple. Not easy.
Just like making sauerkraut, a little guidance goes a long way on the path to inner peace. With my friend’s help, I now have chopped cabbage safely soaking in my grandmother’s crock with the right amount of salt water, at the correct temperature. She gave me the directions; now it’s up to me to explore the process.

Inward Journey

Man-under-treeInward Journey is an experience of self-contemplation.
Based on my experiences, the first step to inner peace is figuring out how to go inside on a regular basis. “Take a little time for yourself each day,” it’s easy! But if you are like me, it’s not so easy.
I created the Inward Journey course to support you to have a daily practice of self-contemplation. The course teaches you how to use four practices to enhance your self-awareness, to balance your energy, and to create the circumstances for a little inner peace. Your exploration will be guided every day, for 28 days. Inspiration, guidance, support – delivered right to your email.

A Sale

Inward Journey 50%offUntil midnight on November 28, you can enroll in Inward Journey for half price.
Regular enrollment is $95; you can begin your Inward Journey for just $47.50
Use the coupon code: relax
Immediately after you enroll, you will have access to the four practices so that you can begin right way.
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An understanding

Although this is a solo journey, a little help along the way can make your trip shorter and smoother. Inward Journey provides “the directions.” Just like me and my cabbage, to get to the sauerkraut, we have to put the directions into action.
If this is the time for your Inward Journey, here is your 50% off coupon code: relax
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Cindy Black

Cindy Black is the Founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Pathways to Vitality. She is appreciated for her ability to make the complex accessible, fun, and practical.

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