Spleen Meridian

The Spleen meridian has key acupoints for women’s health.

“The Stomach and Spleen are like warehouses where one stores all the food and essences. They digest, absorb, and extract the food and nutrients.” – Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine

The Spleen is a key player in digestion.
The Stomach and Spleen are the organs most responsible for digestion from the Chinese medical perspective. The Stomach keeps the food moving through the digestive tract, while the Spleen absorbs Qi and nutrients. The role of the Spleen is very different in Chinese medicine than it is western medicine.

The Spleen plays an important role in the production of Blood.
(Blood is capitalized as I am referring to the Chinese Medical interpretation of “blood,” which includes actual blood as well as other fluids and nourishing properties of Yin.) The production of plentiful, vital Blood relies on good nutrition and digestion.
The Spleen meridian begins on the big toe (acupoint SP 1) and travels up the inner leg, across the abdomen and ends at acupoint SP 21, on the side of the rib cage. The Spleen meridian is one of the three Yin meridians on the leg. Internally, the Spleen meridian connects with the spleen, stomach, and heart organs.

Spleen Meridian

The Spleen Meridian (located on both legs)

The rhythm and nature of the menstrual cycle plays a central role in women’s health.

Since menstruation and fertility are dependent upon the vitality and abundance of Blood, the Spleen plays a major role in women’s health from the Chinese Medical perspective.  The Spleen pulls nutrients from food during digestion and helps to produce Blood.

Famous Spleen Point

Spleen 6*, San Yin Jiao,  “Three Yin Meeting”

As the point name tells us, the three Yin meridians of the leg (Spleen, Kidney and Liver), all meet at this point.

*Do not use this point in pregnancy

Locate SP 6

Measure 3 inches up from the inner (medial) ankle bone. Apply pressure gently since this point is often tender, especially on women.
Spleen 6 acupoint
I use SP 6 along with ST 36 to help generate and vitalize Blood. SP 6 is also used to help regulate the menstrual cycle, and ease moderate cramping and bloating associated with premenstrual syndrome.

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  1. Len Mackenzie on September 16, 2018 at 5:48 am

    Before you use this valuable point make sure you haven’t got an excess of Yin. If so always disperse the Yin, before dispersing any Yang.

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