Taking a deep breath

Room to breathe

By Cindy Black / September 21, 2017 /

Make space for the lungs To fully inflate during an inhale, the lungs need room to expand. The rib cage lifts and opens a bit upon inhalation, while the diaphragm moves down toward the abdomen. When we breathe, these two actions create space for the lungs to inflate. There is always room for more air!…

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Why does your stomach puff out when you inhale?

By Cindy Black / October 31, 2013 /

Lungs expand during inhalation. To make room for the lungs, the belly puffs out. Inside the rib cage are the heart and the lungs. Inside the abdominal cavity are our digestive organs. In between these two spaces is the diaphragm, the number one muscle for breathing.   The diaphragm is a unique muscle. The diaphragm…

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How to support digestion with Chinese Medicine

By Cindy Black / June 13, 2013 /

Combining a little massage with simple adjustments to eating can bring big improvements to your digestion. Let’s talk food first According to Chinese Medicine, the same energy we use to digest our food is used to digest our thoughts. To maximize digestion, eat your food in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Save the business meetings and…

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How you can massage your own abdomen

By Cindy Black / October 18, 2011 /

Our arms and hands are perfectly located to massage our abdomen! Lay on your back, and rest your hands on your belly. Right there in the middle is your belly button – a perfect reference point for simple self massage. Think of your naval as the center of a compass – now find North, South,…

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