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How to know if you are on an acupoint.

By Cindy Black / January 9, 2015 /

Acupoints are places on a meridian where the Qi (“chee”) can be contacted. This a relatively simple sentence, yet a difficult notion to comprehend and take action on. First, we must understand what Qi is. The word Qi comes to us from ancient China. There is no easy equivalent of this term in English. We…

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How to work on acupoints

By Cindy Black / June 21, 2014 /

How to massage or apply pressure to acupoints (acupressure points) is a bigger question than it seems. I received an email today from someone asking this question – I am posting our exchange as I know so many people wonder the same thing. Question: I started to work on my body (using pressure on acupoints) …

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