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Cun measurements – the key to point location

By Cindy Black / February 18, 2016 /

Cun means “inch” A Cun (“tsoon”) is an important reference for locating acupoints. In order to locate acupoints, you must understand how to measure the body using cun. How big is a cun? One cun is equivalent to the width of your thumb. Notice that I said the width of your thumb. A cun measurement…

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Three Favorite Points

By Cindy Black / March 20, 2014 /

Out of 365 points, which are my favorite three? GB 20 (Gallbladder 20) This is an easy point to add into any massage. GB 20 is often a “sore spot” on people with tight necks and/or headaches. ST 36 (Stomach 36) We are what we digest. ST 36 supports digestion, which in turn brings nutrients…

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