Experience Based Medicine

By Cindy Black / February 7, 2013 /

Our experience counts. Countless practitioners have passed on their experiential wisdom to the next generation, one person at a time; what herb to use for which situation, how to identify that plant, how to prepare, store and correctly use it; which meridian, which point, what technique applied to the point will resolve a given syndrome.…

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Coming Home to Massage Therapy

By Cindy Black / November 15, 2010 /

Life is what’s happening while you’re trying to figure out your life…or something like that.     After 15 years of teaching and practicing massage therapy, I went to Acupuncture school. It’s seven years later. I have my Acupuncture license in two states and a couple Diplomates from NCCAOM (National Big Shot Organization for Acupuncture).…

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Why Acupuncture?

By Cindy Black / February 15, 2010 /

Wondering what acupuncture can treat? The World Health Organization has wondered too. Over the years, the WHO has met to review the validity of acupuncture. Meeting in 1998 to review controlled clinical trials of acupuncture performed around the world, the WHO created the following list of diseases that have been clinically proven to respond to…

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