The Effort of Awareness

By Cindy Black / July 4, 2013 /

Internal awareness takes effort. It is a strange kind of effort. It does not require muscular strength and endurance. Awareness requires persistent attempts to quiet the mind, to “shush” the internal chatter, to let go of trying so hard to mentally attend to external responsibilities. It seems as if an invisible chat button is flipped…

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Harmonizing Qi

By Cindy Black / January 6, 2013 /

Harmonizing Qi is a practice that brings communication to all parts of the body, mind, and spirit. I have places within me that are so tight, stubborn, and stuck that they cause me great pain and restriction. Sometimes it hurts for days, and sometimes a couple of weeks or months. Then mysteriously, years have gone by…

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Awareness – why bother?

By Cindy Black / June 28, 2010 /

Prior to going to massage school, I never gave the notion of awareness much thought. I sat in groups the first few days of school – feeling like a mainstream red neck in a mob of new age weirdos. They were flexible and mellow, sitting cross-legged on the floor, eyes closed, “following their breath” as…

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