Self-care is worth the effort.

Self-care for the over-extended

By Cindy Black / June 30, 2016 /

Too busy to care for yourself? Many years ago, I had no self-care practice. I knew that I was not caring for myself. I knew the things that would support my health. I knew that I was not doing them because of my responsibilities to family, friends, and career got in the way. I kept wondering if…

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Noticing changes and transitions

By Cindy Black / September 3, 2015 /

Everything is changing all of the time. Notice the changes. Seasons are changing, one into another every moment of every day. We don’t usually notice the small transitions leading into a new season, until it has become very obvious – we know it’s winter when the snow falls. Calendars and clocks track time. Tracking time is a…

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Change yourself, change the world

By Cindy Black / May 28, 2015 /

If you are like me, your world primarily rotates around yourself. Try as I may to live in some greater consciousness, here I am, in my little world of myself. I do what I can to make this small space an enjoyable place to live. It’s not always easy, but a little at a time…

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People sitting at sunset

What's Your Story?

By Cindy Black / November 1, 2011 /

Can you let it go? Everything changes, so the saying goes. It’s a new day, month, season, location, relationship, idea. All of these things rearranging around you, offering different possibilities, opening doors, closing doors. Everything is changing all the time. Keeping up with change is not always about pushing yourself along the road of your…

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