What are you growing?

By Cindy Black / April 3, 2014 /

From the seeds and roots held steady in winter, new growth emerges in spring. I’ve been around for decades and witnessed this event many times. However, it wasn’t until Khadro pointed out that the seeds we plant in our Water Element (which correspond to Winter) will grow in the Wood Element (which correspond to Spring), that I  really…

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Close-up of potter turning a pot on a potter's wheel

Embodied Knowledge

By Cindy Black / March 18, 2012 /

The movement from beginner to expert is when the knowledge of our subject matter becomes embodied. By this, I mean that you no longer look to a reference in order to perform your skill. The reference could be a book, a diagram or sentence you have memorized, or the image of your teacher. When you…

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