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How to clear your sinuses with Large Intestine 20

By Cindy Black / October 8, 2015 /

Large Intestine 20 (LI 20) to open the nose This is a point that’s easy to locate, and easy to use on yourself and others. Let’s hear a little applause for LI 20! How to locate LI 20 Feel the edge of your nostrils right where they meet the skin of your face. Gently angle pressure between the…

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How to utilize the Large Intestine Meridian

By Cindy Black / December 5, 2013 /

Treating the common cold is one of the most confounding challenges for western medicine. Chinese Medicine offers an excellent method of both treating and preventing colds. The Large Intestine meridian is a key player the treatment of colds and flus in Chinese Medicine.

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How To Relieve Sinus Pain with Acupressure

By Cindy Black / May 30, 2013 /

Points to relieve sinus pain Apply gentle, yet firm pressure to each of these points to relieve sinus pain due to sinusitis and sinus congestion. The four points shown on the diagram are located on both sides of the face. In total, you will contact eight acupressure points. With the person lying face up, sit behind…

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