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Bladder 23

Stay healthy with Bladder 23

By Cindy Black / February 11, 2016 /

Bladder 23 is the Kidney Shu Point The Back Shu points are known as the “Transporting” points. Activating these points “transports” Qi to the associated organ.  For every organ in the body, there is a corresponding Back Shu point. Use the Back Shu points to invigorate the Qi of any organ. Stay Healthy – Support…

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water meridian

Water Element in Chinese Medicine

By Cindy Black / December 17, 2015 /

Water is one of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine The Water Element is associated with Winter. Each of the Five Elements is associated with a season: Water Element- Winter Wood Element – Spring Fire Element- Summer Earth Element – Late Summer Metal Element – Fall When first learning about the elements of Chinese medicine, I found it was…

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