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Tropical Milkweed

Water what you already have

By Cindy Black / January 1, 2015 /

Another lesson from my garden: I was going to go buy more milkweed plants for the monarch butterflies who are camping out in my yard. But I kept thinking of all of the milkweed plants I had put into the ground last year. I went searching for them, and found dozens with tiny leaves unfurling. …

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Monarch butterflies unfolding my heart

By Cindy Black / March 17, 2014 /

  The Butterfly is the end of the story, or maybe it is the beginning? A few months ago, I noticed six or seven hungry monarch caterpillars finishing off the last leaves on a tall stalk of milkweed. I panicked, how will they survive? I transported the caterpillars to other milkweed plants with plenty of…

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