12 Organs of Chinese Medicine

Organ System Attributes of Chinese Medicine

By Cindy Black / May 18, 2017 /

Organ Systems Chinese medicine has a unique perspective of our organs. Organs such as the heart, liver, and large intestine are understood to be part of a larger web of relationships within the body-mind. Because of the difference between western science and Classical Chinese medicine, I refer to “Organ Systems” rather than “organs.” Below are attributes…

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Beautiful flowers that reflect the 5 Organ colors.

Colors and Organ Systems of Chinese Medicine

By Cindy Black / October 27, 2016 /

Every Organ is associated with a color The connection of body-mind-emotions-spirit is woven into all aspects of Classical Chinese medicine. As humans, we are understood to be fully in a relationship with Nature. Nature is full of colors; as reflections of Nature, we have colors also. Organ Systems are webs of relationships within the human…

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