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Move Qi, relieve pain

By Cindy Black / November 16, 2017 /

Relieving pain can be that simple. Qi (energy) is the basis of the physical structures of the body. When the Qi is plentiful and flowing, we experience ease of movement. Abundant and flowing Qi manifests as supple and toned muscles and flexible joints. Qi flows through pathways called meridians. Because Qi is energy, it is…

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What is Dao Yin?

By Cindy Black / May 7, 2015 /

Dao Yin is an ancient movement practice from China. This is a reconstruction of a “Guiding and Pulling Chart” excavated from the Mawangdui Tomb 3 (sealed in 168BC) in the former kingdom of Changsha. The original is in the Hunan Provincial Museum, Changsha, China. (1) The words “Dao Yin” in this context means “guiding” and…

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Move Your Qi!

By Cindy Black / April 17, 2014 /

 Flowing Qi is happy Qi! Qi changes with the seasons. In the winter, even though there is much stillness, Qi still flows. Winter Qi moves quietly and is located more deeply within our interior. This is similar to way that the energy of trees is held in the roots during winter. Spring has arrived! And with it comes…

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