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New Perspectives – Meridian Massage

By Cindy Black / March 7, 2013 /

Meridian Massage offers new perspectives on skills you already have. Shifting your awareness from muscles, tendons, bones and skin to Qi brings many benefits to you and your clients. You will find yourself creating new techniques that support your own ease and comfort while you work. Your clients will notice chronic ailments clearing up while experiencing…

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Harmonizing Qi

By Cindy Black / January 6, 2013 /

Harmonizing Qi is a practice that brings communication to all parts of the body, mind, and spirit. I have places within me that are so tight, stubborn, and stuck that they cause me great pain and restriction. Sometimes it hurts for days, and sometimes a couple of weeks or months. Then mysteriously, years have gone by…

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Form and Formless

By Cindy Black / November 8, 2012 /

Ancient philosophy offers us the notion of the form and the formless.  Einstein gave us E=MC2, Energy equals Matter times the speed of light squared – that is about as clear as saying that form arises from the formless. Stay with me though! The form is our physical body, the formless is our energy. Western…

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By Cindy Black / September 3, 2012 /

I said this to myself over and over while I was in school learning Chinese Medicine, “Persevere, keep trying, study some more, and figure it out!” My original interpretation of persevering was to yell at myself in order to motivate myself to study. This resulted in a tight jaw, tight neck, and tight intestines, along…

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Super Nova

Harmonize Qi

By Cindy Black / February 7, 2012 /

Qi is energy. Our bodies, thoughts, and emotions are manifestations of energy. From this point of view, we can see that treating anything other than the Qi is treating symptoms rather than the root cause. Sometimes symptoms are so severe that obviously treating the symptom first makes the most sense. However, to alleviate further occurrences and…

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Zip Up Your Qi Jacket

By Cindy Black / November 8, 2011 /

We have a protective layer of Qi that repels nasty influences like wind, cold, damp, and microbes. This is called our Defensive Qi, or Wei Qi. You can tell how vital this protective layer of Qi is by reflecting on your experience. Are you one of those people who always catches a cold (need to…

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Sensing Qi

By Cindy Black / October 11, 2011 /

We have a sense beyond our five obvious senses. We can cultivate this “sixth sense” by slowing down the conclusions we draw from our five senses. Practice not believing what you see, hear, smell, taste or touch for a few hours. What else could be “true” about what you are sensing? How else could sense…

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Flowing Qi is Happy Qi!

By Cindy Black / October 4, 2011 /

When Qi is circulating easily throughout the body, all is well. We feel physically invigorated, emotionally happy and responsive, and spiritually satisfied. The focus of the theory and techniques of Meridian Massage can be simplified into one simple idea: keep the Qi flowing. Stuck Qi manifests as pain, stiffness, stubbornness, reactivity, or a sense of…

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Learning Meridian Massage

By Cindy Black / May 15, 2011 /

Meridians and points are precisely located. In order to understand those locations, a detailed understanding of anatomy is essential. From the basis of anatomy, learn the pathways of the 12 regular meridians, the DU, REN, and the main points associated with these meridians. Then, you will have the concrete basis to go deeper. Sensing yourself from…

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Sea of Qi

By Cindy Black / May 3, 2011 /

A tree flowers–tiny buds at the end of twigs, extensions from branches and the great trunk projecting out of the ground. Where did the flowers come from–the twig, the branch, the trunk? Unseen beneath the ground are the deep and wide roots, feeding all that is above, all that can be seen. The trunk, the…

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