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Take a beautiful nap next to a Big Tree.

A Beautiful Nap

By Cindy Black / November 24, 2016 /

Sleep when you are tired, and eat when you are hungry. That’s great advice. It’s simple, but not so easy to practice. I have been pushing myself lately – watching myself work too much but continuing to do it anyway. Finally, I took a little of my own advice and went for a walk in the woods.…

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Man on phone in bed

Calm the Mind – improve sleep naturally

By Cindy Black / June 25, 2015 /

A busy mind can be tired, yet unable to sleep. It’s probably obvious, but just for the record, the head is at the upper part of the body. That’s where the brain is too. Not that the mind is limited to the brain, but it sure has some deep roots there. A busy mind translates…

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Sleeping person in a cozy bed

The Yin and Yang of Sleep

By Cindy Black / April 16, 2015 /

Awake and asleep are a Yang & Yin pair. Just like night and day, up and down, still and moving, wakefulness and sleeping are relative to one another, dependent on one another, and tied to each other.  The duality of night and day reflects the duality of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are two…

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Yin is In!

By Cindy Black / December 28, 2010 /

It’s Winter, the time of full Yin. Compared to the light, heat, expansion, and Yang activity of Summer, Winter is quiet, dark, cool, and concentrated–Yin. You may have noticed a desire to go to sleep sooner, and wake up later as Winter has settled in. This is your body responding to Nature’s call to rest…

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