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Kidney acupressure points 3, 4, 5, 6

Kidney Acupressure points on the ankle

By Cindy Black / December 28, 2017 /

4 Kidney points on the ankle There are 27 acupressure points on the Kidney meridian. These four Kidney acupressure points are close together on the inner (medial) ankle. Each point can be used for local ankle pain and, each point has specific uses. Let’s explore both the location and uses of each of these Kidney…

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yin -yang-cooling, warming cycle

How Yin and Yang Shift Throughout a Day

By Cindy Black / April 11, 2013 /

Yang is the warming cycle, Yin is the cooling cycle. The movement of light and dark throughout a twenty-four hour period is the motion of Yin and Yang expanding and contracting, flowing, one into the other in an endless dance.   Observing the small nuances of these changes is a simple and profound learning experience.…

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Acupressure Points for Balancing Fire and Water

By Cindy Black / February 21, 2013 /

Chinese Medicine offers western holistic medical practitioners a wonderful way to explore health and vitality. At its simplest level, Chinese Medicine is focused on balancing Yin and Yang. Acupressure is a technique often used within Meridian Massage. Yin and Yang are the two fundamental aspects of all creation: thoughts, material objects, emotions, plants, humans, business…

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