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3 Yin Meridians on the arms

Yin & Yang Meridians, Keep it Simple

By Cindy Black / August 7, 2012 /

12 Meridians – 6 Yin, 6 Yang There are 6 Yin meridians. Yin meridians are located on the anterior (front) and medial (inside) areas of the body. Three are 3 Yin meridians on the arms. Three are  3 Yin meridians on the legs.All of these meridians are found on the anterior (front) and medial aspects…

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The Beauty of Limits

By Cindy Black / December 5, 2011 /

Winter is upon us. All that we imagined, sprouted, nurtured, grew and harvested in the previous seasons, now comes to an end. Plants and trees retreat to their roots. Wind, cold, snow and ice put a final and absolute end to all growth. Now it is time to rest. Imagine if our expansion never ended.…

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