What is Meridian Massage?

Meridian MassageMeridian Massage is gentle, mindful contact to acupressure points combined with self-care practices and lifestyle changes that promote harmony of body-mind-spirt. It is a form of energy medicine that utilizes the meridian system of Chinese Medicine.

This article answers the most common questions about Meridian Massage.

What is the difference between Acupressure and Meridian Massage?

Meridian massage works with the same points as acupressure. The difference is that Meridian Massage also includes self-care practices and lifestyle adjustments based on Classical Chinese Medicine.

What is the Meridian Massage Approach?

Meridian Massage is a holistic approach to health and happiness based on Classical Chinese Medicine and Taoism (the root of Classical Chinese Medicine). The Meridian Massage Approach combines hands-on contact with acupressure points and meridians, self-care practices, and lifestyle adjustments.

Anyone can learn and practice the Meridian Massage Approach:

  • Professional health practitioners integrate the hands-on work with acupressure points into their existing skill set.
  • Individuals (and professionals) bring lifestyle adjustments and self-care practices into their daily lives to promote their health and happiness.

Self-CareWhat are Self-Care Practices?

Gentle movements that increase the flow of Qi(energy) throughout the body. These are simple movement practices that anyone can learn and benefit from.

What are Lifestyle Adjustments?

Small or large changes of habit that promote the flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body-mind-spirit. For example, if one is prone to difficulty falling asleep, turn off all electronics (phone, tv, radio, etc.) at least 15 minutes before going to bed. This “free time” provides a cushion between external stimuli and the dropping of attention inward toward sleep.

What are Acupressure Points?

Bladder Meridian PointsQi (energy) flows through the meridians like water in a river flows through riverbeds. Acupressure points are specific places along the meridian where the Qi can be accessed, similar to particular locations along a river where we can jump into the water.
There are over 300 acupressure points in the human body.

What are Meridians?

We all have pathways throughout the body where our Qi flows. These pathways are called “meridians” or “channels.” There are 12 meridians in the human body.

How do I learn the Meridian Massage Approach?

You will need to learn some basics of Chinese Medical theory to get the most benefit. The key aspects that you need to learn are:

  • Yin and Yang – the primary forces of manifestation
  • 12 Meridians – locations, functions, and uses
  • 5 Elements – how each Element manifests in Nature and the Human Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Organ Systems of Chinese Medicine – the role each Organ plays in the uptake, transformation, storage and use of Qi
  • Points (acupressure points) – the function, location, and correct way to apply pressure each point
  • Self-care exercises – how to balance and harmonize Qi within your system
  • Lifestyle adjustments – know what habits of body and mind to change to maintain (or regain) health and happiness

I have created online courses that cover every aspect of the Meridian Massage Approach.
You can choose to take one course at a time or join a comprehensive program that combines all of the courses along with extra support.

Big Tree Guide Courses
Each Guide Course covers one of the key aspects of Meridian Massage:

  1. Guide to Yin and Yang
  2. Guide to the 12 Meridians
  3. Guide to the 5 Elements
  4. Guide to the Organ Systems
  5. Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints
    View the Guide Courses

Comprehensive Program
Includes all of the courses above with that addition of the course Sensing Qi, membership to the Student Forum, participation in live online Mastermind Meetings (Question and answers, how to integrate and apply the theory to your life and/or work), access to all previously recorded Masterminds.
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